Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-252-5400

Testimonials from our team tell the CAC story 

"When survivors of childhood abuse have the opportunity to recognize common trauma responses, develop coping skills for managing the emotional pain they are experiencing, and have a supportive caregiver be witness to their trauma story, they no longer have to carry around the secret of what they have endured...that when left untreated, can manifest into major mood disorders, academic decline, poor relational boundaries and/or lower levels of life satisfaction (to name a few)."
- Nicole P Springer, PhD, LMFT
                                                                  Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapist
                                                                  CAC Clinical Supervisor

"The Children's Advocacy Center plays an integral role in the successful prosecution of child abuse cases. The staff is completely devoted to helping kids through tremendously difficult situations and have a passion that is unequaled."
- Matt Powell
                                                                  Criminal District Attorney,  Lubbock County

"The benefits of the Children's Advocacy Center in our community are extremely critical. The center insures that a child victim does not have to be interviewed in an intimidating institutional environment such as a police station. CAC provides a safe and 'child-friendly' environment where specialized interviewers understand how to talk to a child and determine whether abuse actually occurred. the child-friendly environment has been shown to decrease the possibility of secondary traumatization as well."
-Kelly Rowe
                                                                   Sheriff, Lubbock County

"The Children's Advocacy Center of the South Plains is a vital resource for investigations of child abuse cases. They provide a child-friendly environment and highly skilled forensic interviewers to help ease the trauma to children who have already endured so much. They allow my staff to focus on the investigation needs to keep children safe from further harm while trained therapists are available to then help speed the healing process to the victims."
                                             - Shawn Vandygriff
                                                                   CPS Program Administrator
                                                                   INV/FBSS Region 01

"I can never forget what happened to me, but if you have to keep telling the story over and over, you keep remembering the story and it expands."
                                                                    Child Abuse Survivor