Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-252-5400

2022 - 2023 BOARD MEMBERS

Past President ~ David Vaughn - Alliance Credit Union
President ~ Michael Lambert - Marsh & McLennan Agency
Vice President ~ Jeremy Steen - McDougal Realtors
Treasurer ~ Kendra White - American Bank of Commerce
Secretary ~ Nicole Sharp - Snelling Staffing & Payroll Services



Scott Assiter ~ R.C. Taylor
Ryan Bailey ~ Parkhill
Brittany Barela ~ Christian Learning Center
Leslie Cox ~ FOX34
Adrienne Cozart ~ University Medical Center
Regina DeHoyos ~ Covenant Health System
Kenzi Kinard ~ Carpet Tech
Claire Maginness ~ Texas Tech University
Cici Nunez ~ Texas Tech University

Lt. Lee Anderson - Lubbock County Sheriff's Office
Sgt. Sharon Casey- Lubbock Police Department
Lilia Castillo- Child Protective Services
Neal Burt - Lubbock County District Attorney's Office

STAFF MEMBERS     (806-740-0251)
Derek Danner- Executive Director                                                                   Katrina Flores, MS, LMFT-A - Therapist                 
Mary Infante-Associate Director                                                                      Cheyenne McGuire, MS, LMFT-A - Therapist        
Judy Powell - Program Director                                                                        Miranda Garcia, MS, LMFT-A - Therapist         
Terri Sanchez - Statewide Intake/MEP Coordinator                              Kimberly Hamilton, LPC,RN-Therapist       
John Wuerflein - Forensic Interviewer/Com. Ed                                     Victoria Stephenson, MS, LMFT-A-Therapist    
Mary Rose Garcia Forensic Interviewer                                                          
Shonna Blair - Forensic Interviewer                                                          
Brianna Rodriquez - Family Advocate                                                                    
Morgan Bolinger - Family Advocate
Patricia Wescott - Family Advocate
Shannon Parra - Data Entry         
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