Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-252-5400

Our interviews allow children and youth to tell their story in their own words.

Our interview process uses the procedures taught by the Children's Advocacy Centers of Texas. Our interviews are open ended and we ask only non-leading questions. The family advocate greets the child and the non-offending caregiver upon entering the center. The advocate helps to put the children and caregivers at ease. Families are gently guided through the process and completion of the paperwork.

One of our forensic interviews will come meet the child and the caregivers and answer any further questions they may have. Then the interviewer walks with the child to one of our two age interview rooms. The rooms are designed and furnished to be age appropriate with a small table and chairs in the room for younger children and larger casual seating in the room for the older children. The interviewer will get to know the child and put them at ease.   

The interviews conducted by the center are part of the information gathering process. All interviews are observed by the investigating agency and recorded on DVD. As the center is a neutral agency in the process, no copies of the interview are retained by the center. All copies are the property of the investigating agency.

In addition to providing forensic interview services at our facility in Lubbock, TX, the center has two mobile interview equipment setups. This allows us to travel to the children across our service counties and conduct interviews in a neutral location closer to them. The ability to do mobile interviews allows us to serve those families in our service region that might not be able to travel to Lubbock.