Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-252-5400

Family Advocacy is a fundamental part of the Children's Advocacy Center.

The Family Advocate is the first point of contact between the families and the center staff.

After our advocate visits with the caregivers and assists them with the intake paperwork,  she will spend time getting to know the needs and concerns of the families. If needed, our advocates can help the families obtain contact information for services outside the scope of the center such as emergency assistance or any number of needs.

If it is determined that the child needs to access our specialized trauma-focused cognitive behavior therapy, the advocate will help the family with the referrals for the program.  

Follow-up with our families is another step in our aftercare.  The advocate will make periodic follow-up calls to check in with the caregivers to assess how the child is doing and if any further services are needed.

Our advocates concern for our clients extends beyond the interview and services.  Should the case go to trail, our advocate and other staff if possible will attend the trail to provide support for the child and the non-offending caregiver.

The family advocate is the person to contact if our families have any questions or needs.