Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-252-5400

Community Education is an Important Part of the Children's Advocacy Center

Community education opportunities provided by the CA are designed to increase your knowledge of child abuse and neglect issues that affect children every day on the South Plains. Our programs are taught by staff members who are working daily to lessen the trauma child abuse puts on children.  

The Children's Advocacy Center provides awareness and prevention programs and training for children of all ages. Our Yellow Dyno program is a fun and entertaining music video-based program designed to teach PreK through 4th graders how to stay safe, how to recognize "tricky people" and, who to turn to for help. It is available free-of-charge to schools, churches, daycare centers, youth programs, community centers, home school programs, and any organization that has children ages PreK through 4th grade.

It is important to provide education and awareness for all ages. The center offers highly effective "Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse"  training to adults across the South Plains. Recognizing and Reporting is one-hour training taught by our specially trained staff. Our staff will come to you to teach this informative and important program.

Darkness to Light is a more in-depth training offered to adults. Through the video vignettes, the facilitator leads an interactive discussion, and in group discussion, you learn the potential long-term impact of child abuse on the victim. Participants will learn how they can recognize abuse, report abuse, and most importantly, listen to and support the child. It is a half-day program presented in your location or in our training facility.

If you wish to learn more about the work of the Children's Advocacy Center you can schedule a tour and presentation. During your tour,  you will learn about the center, the staff, our partner agencies, and how our services impact the children we help.  

To arrange for one of our programs, contact our Community Education Coordinator John Wuerflein at 806-740-0251 or email him at